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Battery Powered LED Lights

Battery powered LED lights are used in thousands of different applications.

LED stands for “light emitting diode”, an electronic device that lights up when electricity passes through it. Battery powered LED lights are available in many different colors, including not only the visible spectrum but also infrared or ultraviolet lighting.



Infrared battery operated LED lighting include those in your remote control. Visible LED lights can be used for many purposes, from flashlights to holiday light strings to patio lighting. They come in every color, including red, yellow, blue, green, and white. 

LED lights are much brighter than traditional lighting using the same wattage. LED lights are very small, making them practical for many uses.

Battery  powered LED lights are used in flashlights, for example. They have a long life, often up to a million hours, making them ideal for everything from emergency use flashlights to radios and clocks that are on 24/7.



LED lights are also suitable for illuminating a deck or patio, where they will provide a bright light without substantially increasing your energy costs. Today, most electronic devices have at least one LED light, including everything from music players and TVs to stoves and coffee makers.  

With rechargeable batteries, battery powered LED lighting can last for a long time with very little expense. Even with traditional batteries, LED lighting does not draw as much power, so they will last longer than traditional bulbs on the same battery.


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Battery Powered LED Lighting

More durable than traditional bulbs, many battery operated LED lights will also last hundreds of hours longer than traditional bulbs. Unlike traditional bulbs, which fade as the power runs out, LED lights remain constant until the battery power is completely exhausted.



Battery powered LED lights, as you can see, are suitable for many applications. Battery operated LED lighting last a long time, use very little energy, and are more portable than many traditional lighting options.

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Their bright light can illuminate large areas, making them excellent options for emergency lights. In fact, battery powered LED lights are used by many police and fire departments; they are also an excellent choice to pack with your emergency kit or camping supplies due to their reliability. 



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